#100% natural oil and that’s it.....

Our History

Swastik oils are the pioneer in the edible oil industry, producing healthy and pure edible oils since 1858. We have our own manufacturing plant situated in Kota, Rajasthan where we produce 100% natural edible oils in our own refineries. We use the finest seeds and trailblazing technologies while manufacturing oils. So that we can provide our customers with authentic taste and pungency in their day-to-day food cooked with Swastik oils.

India was renowned in the world for its splendid oils and spices. That is why India had been an excellent exporter of oils for centuries. But today, 70% of the edible oil that we consume comes from abroad. The reason for this is that many of the brands whose oils we consume on a daily basis package these imported oils as their own, rather than producing oil in their own refineries.

“So it’s time to go Atma Nirbhar with Swastik Oil.”

That is where Swastik Oils chooses to differ from these brands, as we believe in making India self-sufficient by using our 100% natural oils. We are one of the finest manufacturers of edible oil in India and have been taking care of our customer’s health for centuries.

Our main concern is the health and fitness of our consumers. It comes off as a shock actually, how little the consumers know of the oil they use in their everyday cooking. Most of the oils nowadays are blended with other cheap vegetable and palm oils. Many scientific studies have shown that the consumption of Palm oil and vegetable oil can lead to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, and can even clog the arteries!

Our Values

From India For India

All our oils are 100% natural and are never blended with other oils, they are free from any artificially added scent or colour too. Our priority is the health and wellness of our customers. Thus, we follow all the policies and protocols instated by the government.

We have all the licenses that are required to manufacture edible oil. And our 100% natural oils are tested and approved by the government labs regularly. Also, we take extreme measures to make sure that our refineries remain hygienic. To do so, we take proper care of the sanitization of our machinery at regular intervals of time. A

As we manufacture Swastik oil in our own refineries and Ghani’s, we make sure that the quality of our oils remains unmatched. We have trusted and dexterous labour that works with our state of the art infrastructure to produce natural edible oil. Apart from the range of our edible oils, we are continuously working hard to bring more of our 100% natural products to the market. So keep visiting our website for more world-class products!