Moong Dal Chilla is a North Indian snack, which is easy to make at home. You can have this for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it also goes well as an evening snack with tea. It is made from a combination of yellow split lentils and rice flour batter. Thus, making it healthy as well as tasty to eat! So here is the recipe to make 12 mouth-watering Moong Dal Chilas.


For Chilla:

- One and a half cup of soaked Green Moong Dal.
- One and a half TSP of chopped green chillies.
- Twelve TSP of Swastik Double Filtered Groundnut oil.
- A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing), and salt as per your taste.

For Stuffing:

- Two cups of boiled potatoes cut in the shape of cubes.
- Three-quarters worth of boiled green peas in a cup.
- One tablespoon of cumin seeds (jeera).
- Half tablespoon of dried mango powder (amchur).
- Two tablespoons of chopped green chillies.
- One tablespoon of Swastik Double Filtered Groundnut oil.
And salt as per your taste.


-  Take the green moong dal, chillies and approx one cup of water and put them all in a mixer and blend till it becomes smooth.

 -  Take the batter out of the mixer and put it into a bowl. Then add salt and asafoetida (Hing) into it and mix it well. Then keep it aside and move on to the stuffing.


-  Heat the Swastik Double filtered Groundnut Oil in a non-stick pan and add the cumin seeds (Jeera) into it and saute that on a medium flame for around thirty seconds.

-  Then take the rest of the ingredients and put them into the pan, mix them well and mash the potatoes while cooking them on a medium flame for around two minutes.

-  Then turn off the gas and divide the stuffing into twelve equal portions. Keep it aside and start making the Chillas.


- Take out a non-stick Tava (griddle) and heat it on the gas while greasing it with Swastik Double filtered Groundnut Oil.

  -  Then take a bit of the batter and pour it on the Tava (griddle), spread it out to make a thin circle of around 6.8 inches.

-   Cook it with a tablespoon of Swastik Double filtered Groundnut oil, till it turns golden brown on both the sides.

 -  Then take a portion of the stuffing and place it on one side of the chilla, then fold the chilla to make a semi-circle.

- Your Moong dal Chilla is ready! Repeat the same steps to make the rest of the chillas. Then serve them with the Green chutney!